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We are a young company. But a company with a combined 90 years of experience. A broad network of professionals supports us in making your vision a reality. Throughout Germany.

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The Base

Small box, big content.

The Base is your information carrier for multimedia content. Whether movies, audio, images, text or PDFs - The Base ensures rapid transfer without impinging on the data volume of your customers.

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MrSignal Base

Mission Statement

Digitality complements reality

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What does Mr.Signal do?

Mr.Signal ensures that you are able to offer your customers, visitors and interested parties multimedia content.

What is the Mr.Signal Base?

The Mr.Signal Base

The Mr.Signal Base makes a Wi-Fi network available through which you can offer your content.

Your visitors, customers and interested parties connect to this network using their own Smartphone or tablet. Now they can access your video, audio, text, or PDFs at Wi-Fi speed without drawing on the data volume of their mobile network provides.

The encapsulated Wi-Fi network of the Mr.Signal Base not only ensures rapid transfer but also contributes to data protection and your IT security. Because the network is provided independently of your internal infrastructure, your data remain as safe as before.

The update principle

Updating the content offered by Mr.Signal Bases is easy. Using the interface provided by us, you adapt everything exactly as you have it in mind. We are also happy to assist you.

The data are first stored in our cloud. Only when you are ready will new or changed content be transferred to the respective Base. This means you can already prepare everything for your next exhibition right now.

Editing content

The update principle Step#1

You edit your content as needed via the Mr.Signal interface and store it in our cloud. From anywhere in the world, intuitively and easily.

Making content available

The update principle Step#1

Your Mr.Signal Bases are updated and your customers and visitors can access them using their own Smartphones.


Unique requirements, individual solutions.

UNESCO-Weltnaturerbe: Nationalpark Hainich

National Park Hainich

CustomerUNESCO World Heritage Site National Park Hainich
DateAugust 2016
ScopeMr.Signal Bases, App, Loaner, Content Creation

Mr.Signal created a completely barrier-free for the root cave in the Hainich National Park. On the approximately 1000 square meters of the UNESCO world heritage site visitors are now offered a wireless network. Mr.Signal allows a "standard guide" in German, English, Dutch and Polish, and also offers sign language as a video tour.
Also on offer: Simple language, for users with learning restriction or slight dementia as well as lively, visual language for the visually impaired. In addition, there is also a digital quiz for children.
The goal of Mr.Signal to offer a completely barrier-free media guide was achieved. 30 robust tablets are available for visitors without their own smartphone.

Segworks Trier

Segworks Trier

CustomerSegworks Trier
DateMarch 2017
ScopeMr.Signal Bases

Mr.Signal created a mobile Media Guide for Segway Tours in the oldest town of Germany called Trier. Visitors can not only enjoy a quick ride on the Segways but also listen to individually attractive audio samples to the sights like the Porta Nigra or the Roman Bridge. This makes the tour through Trier a real experience.

Mr.Signal CONRAD Story

Conrad: Tekkie-Story

DateJanuary 2017

Technology fascinates people and humans are fascinated by technology. This has not changed since the invention of the wheel until today. And surely this will continue in the future.

OTH Regensburg

Proof-of-Concept at the OTH

Customer Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH Regensburg)
Date June 2014
Scope Mr.Signal Bases, App, content development

As part of start-up funding for Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH Regensburg), Mr.Signal was asked to develop a proof-of-concept and present it at the University.

Delegationsreise Israel

Trade mission to Israel

Customer Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date August 2014
Scope Delegationsreise

The new enterprise initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology launched a trade mission to Israel. Included in the delegation: Mr.Signal


Friends of Historical Nuremberg (Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg)

Customer Friends of Historical Nuremberg
Date September 2015
Scope Inhaltserstellung, Mr.Signal Bases

Three late medieval, half-timbered houses where the history of craftsmanship is told in a contemporary fashion. With the Mr.Signal Bases, Mr.Signal locally provides additional information and audiovisual experiences to go with the exhibits.

Museumsdorf Düppel

Museum Village Düppel

Customer Museum Village Düppel
Date August 2014
Scope Mr.Signal Bases

As its first reference project, Mr.Signal had the opportunity to provide information at the Museum Village Düppel about how life may have been 800 years ago, in the Middle Ages. Here, history is not only for looking at, like in other museums, but for touching, trying out, hearing, smelling, reading and participating. In Düppel you can, for example, experience how the villagers lived and worked: their houses have been reconstructed as accurately as possible, old crafts such as pottery, blacksmithing and foot-powered woodturning are researched and practiced by the staff, and visitors can also try their hand at some of them.

Mamoun Fansa

Mamoun Fansa

Customer Mamoun Fansa
DateAugust 2014
Scope Multimediale Unterstützung

Fansa initiated a highly successful touring exhibition on experimental archaeology, which was shown in more than 30 European museums over a period of 14 years. At the Museum in Oldenburg he was also responsible for other large exhibitions, e.g. on Frederick II and Lawrence of Arabia. Fansa was also the initiator and founder of the European Association for the Promotion of Experimental Archeology and its president until 2008.

Migrants in Action

Customer Migrants in Action
Date September 2015
Scope Content adaptation, Mr.Signal Bases

The exhibition 'Arrived' by multicultural group 'Migrants in Action' was the concluding event of several integration projects that allowed children with a migration background to deal with their past, present and future in an artistic way.

Gewinner der ersten Phase des BPWN

Northern Bavarian Business Plan Competition 2016

Customer BayStartup
Date April 2016
Scope Business plan

Mr.Signal managed to get through to the second phase of the Northern Bavarian Business Plan Competition 2016 and, having won 3rd place, is standing on the dais for the first time.

Illustratorin Julia Freisleben

Julia Freisleben Illustrations

Customer Julia Freisleben
Date May 2016
Scope Content adaptation, Mr.Signal Bases

The illustrations by Julia Freisleben are a re-interpretation of the 1904 book 'Peter Pan' by J.M. Barries. The title 'Yes we lost our marbles Welcome to Neverland' alludes to the zeitgeist of her generation: Busybodies, the 'problem children', the creative, the lost and the confused are the ones most likely to find themselves reflected. Freisleben deliberately breaks up the often whimsical and thought-provoking situations in her images through her use of a rather gaudy colour palette.

The world as seen through my eyes!

The world as seen through my eyes!

Customer Villa Leon
Date April 2016
Scope Content adaptation, Mr.Signal Bases

Women with refugee experiences introduce themselves and their living conditions. In multilingual interviews, the viewer can, behind the portrait of a laughing woman, understand her desires and concerns, and listen to her voice in her native language. Selfies taken by the women complement the image of a strong woman.

TMW: Alban Berg

CustomerVienna Museum for Technology
Date May 2016
Scope Content adaptation, Mr.Signal Bases

In the summer of 1930, the famous Viennese composer Alban Berg (1885-1935) purchased a Model A Ford from the royalties received for his successful Opera "Wozzeck". The "Blue Bird" - as Berg called it lovingly - is now on display right outside the musical instrument collection at the Vienna Museum of Technology. Through the technology provided by Mr. Signal, visitors can experience multimedia content about the composer and the Model A Ford in four languages.

Mr.Signal at GITEX in Dubai

Trade Fair: Gitex

DateOktober 2016

The Mr. Signal Team was one of the few German start-ups to be invited to the GITEX 2016. Gitex is one of the world's largest technology and start-up trade fairs. Visitors from all over the world were amazed by the latest technology trends and selected start ups. For Mr. Signal, the invitation and participation in the trade fair was a further consistent step in the international markets. We are particularly pleased with the great interest in our patented "made in Germany" technology.

Mr.Signal at Seehundstation

The Seehundstation

LocationNational Park Wattenmeer Niedersachsen
DateJuly 2017
ScopeMr.Signal Bases, Mr.Signal Content Management System

If you want to protect nature, you have to develop an awareness first. National parks are implementing this motto of the founders of natural reserve. UNESCO gives the title of World Natural Heritage to institutions because of their uniqueness, authenticity and integrity. We are very proud to have equipped this National Park with our Mr.Signal technology. Thus the National Park Wattenmeer not only jumps into the digital age, but also awareness is aroused by media support on site and in many languages.
Targeted knowledge transfer creates awareness and consciousness turns things into good. Especially our nature needs more of this attention in periods of economic growth.

Mr.Signal for CONRAD


DateSeptember 2017
ScopeMr.Signal Bases

Exhibition for modeling, model railway, creative design and play

The modell-hobby-spiel is Germany's most popular public fair for the fields of modeling, model railway, creative design, handwork and play. Whether it is a board game, creative workshops or the miniature world around cars, airplanes, ships and railways - an eventful hours of 90,000 square meters are guaranteed.

Mr.Signal for Audi


DateSeptember 2017
ScopeMr.Signal Bases
Linkto Audi

The International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main and Hannover is one of the biggest and internationally most important automobile trade fairs in the world alongside the Parisian Autosalon, the Detroit Auto Show, the Geneva Motor Show and the Tokyo Motor Show. All major German manufacturers were represented at the home game in Frankfurt with a booth.

Mr.Signal for Conrad


DateNovember 2017
ScopeMr.Signal Bases

The SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg is an international trade fair for electrical automation, systems & components.
SPS IPC Drives takes place annually at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. In 2017, 1,675 exhibitors from 45 countries presented themselves.

Mr.Signal UNESCO World Heritage Hainich National Park

Hainich National Park, World Heritage exhibition

CustomerUNESCO World Heritage Hainich National Park
DateMarch 2018
ScopeMr.Signal Bases, App, Content Creation

We are particularly proud that the Hainich National Park once again expressed its confidence in us for the realization of a barrier-free media guide for the new permanent exhibition "Welterbe".
The new Mediaguide for the exhibition World Heritage, analogous to the "Wurzelhöhe-Mediaguide", offers additional pictures, texts and videos in abundance. The technology uses the visitor on a tablet to borrow or on their own mobile phone. The special features: All information has been prepared in German, Polish, Dutch and English as well as in the variants "easy to understand", "lively language" (for people with visual restrictions) and sign language. There is also a digital scavenger hunt for children, which of course is rewarded with prizes.

Mr.Signal für Gäubodenmuseum Straubing


Gäubodenmuseum Straubing

CustomerGäubodenmuseum Straubing
DateJanuar 2020

Did you know that the Romans had people they didn't like using voodoo dolls?
There were trial curses, love spells, competition spells or defensive spells.They created figures made of clay, bronze, lead, wax, wool and Dough. It was less interested in high quality figures but only to create a human-like figure.

In the centre of the presentation the Gäubodenmuseum follows, which besides the urban and cultural-historical developments, especially also as a supra-regional collecting point for the archaeology of the Gaeuboden understands, a linear time line. This timeline - pre- and early history, Roman times, Bajuwaren, city history with Sacred art and popular piety - corresponds at the same time to the leading line.

For this we were allowed to create for the Roman exhibition as well as for "Baiern found" a radio play. Just listen in...

  • Gäubodenmuseum Straubing



  • Hainich National Park

    Hainich National Park

    World Heritage exhibition

  • Conrad


    Booth at the SPS

  • Audi


    Booth at the IAA



    Booth at the "modell-hobby-Spiel"

  • Seehundstation


    National Park Wattenmeer Niedersachsen

  • Segworks Trier

    Segworks Trier

    Mobile mediaguide

  • The Conrad Tekkie-Story



  • UNESCO-National Park Hainich

    National Park Hainich

    Barrier-free Media Guide

  • Mr.Signal at GITEX 2016

    Mr.Signal international

    Trade Fair Gitex Dubai

  • OTH Regensburg

    University of Appl. Sciences Regensburg

    Startup develops app for students

  • Delegationsreise Israel

    Ministry for Economic Affairs

    Trade mission to Israel

  • Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg

    Friends of Historical Nuremberg

    MUSEUM |22|20|18|

  • Museumsdorf Düppel

    Museum Village Düppel

    Reference project

  • Mamoun Fansa

    Mamoun Fansa

    Reference project

  • Migranten in Aktion

    Migrants in Action

    Exhibition "Arrived"

  • Businessplan Wettbewerb Nordbayern 2016


    Business Plan Competition 2016

  • Die Welt durch meine Augen!

    The world as seen through my eyes!

    Villa Leon

  • Illustrationsausstellung Freisleben

    Julia Freisleben

    Exhibition: Illustrations

  • Technisches Museum Wien: Alban Berg

    Alban Berg and his Model A Ford

    Vienna Museum of Technology


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A young company. With over 90 years of experience.

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Markus Schollmeyer

Markus Schollmeyer

Business Development

with a legal and strong international business development background he outranges the coverage of Mr. Signal

Company history

Founded in 2012, Mr.Signal started, with two employees at first, with the development of the technical architecture and the implementation of the first Mr.Signal Base prototypes. As soon as one year on, the concept was stable enough to register the first patent. And Mr.Signal GbR became Mr.Signal GmbH.

The principle of internet-independent information transfer was maintained and the company focused on developing different individual solutions for the most diverse range of applications.


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